An Unusual POV: Weekly Photo Challenge – Pippa


Standing at only about a foot high, Pippa is very little thing. It is easy to forget how big we must seem to her, so when playing with her this morning, I lay down and took this photo from ground level, looking up on our little cat. As children, we spend much more time down low, playing on the floor, sitting on the floor in class, etc, but as we grow up, we don’t get down that low nearly as often, so photos from this angle look quite particular to us.

What’s Pip looking at so intently, I hear you ask?

Maggie the chicken, who was taking herself for a walk around the yard (no particularly special POV, just a rather funny picture of Mags!).


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Apollo Bay – Weekly Photo Challenge: One shot, Two ways

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is One shot: Two ways, meaning one scene, the photo taken both horizontal and vertical.

Apollo Bay, down on Victoria’s west coast, along the famous Great Ocean Road, is probably my favourite holiday destination in Australia.  It’s the most beautiful place, and almost doesn’t really look like the rest of Victoria/Australia. This little town is one of the few sea-side places in the state of Victoria that faces due east (rather than south), so the sun sets behind the town. All photos were taken in January this year on my iPhone, and haven’t been edited.

The sun setting behind the hills.

The marina

A parent-and-child swans down on the beach, near where the creek (if you can call it that!) meets the sea.

A fishing boat lit up in the mist.

Bath Abbey – Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

One of the most beautiful buildings I’ve been (and been able to take photos of the exterior and interior) to is Bath Abbey.

‘The Abbey as we know it is the work of Sir George Gilbert Scott, who from 1864 to 1874, completely transformed the inside of the Abbey to conform with his vision of Victorian Gothic architecture. His most significant contribution must surely be the replacement of the ancient wooden ceiling over the nave with the spectacular stone fan vaulting we see today.’

Sir George designed a lot of public and residential buildings, most notably the Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens, and worked on the restoration a LOT of churches, Cathedrals and Abbeys, including Westminster Abbey and St Margaret’s London, among others.

All photos taken December 2011.

Weekly photo challenge.

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Daily Prompt: There’s no place like home


Another very cold day (it’s currently around 7°C, Weatherzone says it feels like 4.9°C), with a bit of an Antartic breeze blowing in, well, home is the best place to be! I relocated from my room to the lounge, tobe in front of the roaring fire, attempting to get washing dry, Pip lying next to her bed (!), Proms playing through my laptop, the smell of tonight’s dinner (pea and ham soup) wafting around, having been in the slow cooker since 10 this morning, Game of Thrones A Dance with Dragons 1:Dreams and Dust to read. Warm in, cold out. There’s no place like home.

Daily promt.