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Hello there, good reader.

How did I name my blog? I hear you ask. Well, my name is Stella and:

Constellation (n):
1. a group of fixed stars whose outline is traditionally regarded as forming a particular figure

2. group of associated  persons noteworthy in some way

– The Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary

I hope it is not wishful thinking on my behalf that this blog will become ‘a group of associated posts, noteworthy in some way’.

I am from Melbourne, in Australia (That’s the far south-eastern corner of the country). I have just got my ‘real’ full-time first job since graduating from university.

I like writing (though ‘liking’ something and being good at said thing do not necessarily go hand-in-hand) , so I decided to start blogging. My posts are not necessarily related or about any one theme or topic. They are simply on the things that interest me. Therefore, I will be posting about:

– Cooking and recipes. Both my own and the recipes of others.
– Reviews of films I see, live productions I attend, books I read, music I listen to (BBC Proms!) and anything else that I do/see/attend that I think is worthy or a write up.
– Our cat Pippa and our chickens
– Things I like. This will mostly be things I stumble across on the internet that I wish to share.
– Anything else I feel like putting out onto the world wide web.

I have a Twitter which I more use to follow than tweet, but you can follow me there. Or on Tumblr, but that is 99.9993% fandom related (though my WordPress blogs come through my feed there too).

Happy reading and thanks for stopping by,


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