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They’re now 16 days old, and our three little chicks are certainly growing fast. We bought them as one day olds to put under our broody hen, Betty White (a white Sussex). This was about the fourth time that Betty White had gone clucky, so we decided to get her what she wanted, some little bubs. The trio are Ostra, an Australorp, Goldie, a gold laced Wyandotte and Sylvia, a silver laced Wyandotte. Betty White doesn’t seem to care that her chicks are all different, and all very different to her. We purposely bought these breeds as we have a bit of a collection of chickens; as well as Betty White we have Hawk the Welsummer, Speckles the speckled Sussex, Penny the Isa Brown and Maggie a leghorn-cross.


Maggie, Penny and Speckles

It’s amazing to watch Betty White mother the chicks, and all of the instincts she has and things that she just ‘knows’ how to do, made even more amazing as Betty White herself was not raised by a mother hen, but was hand-raised under heat lamps.


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