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Through – Weekly Travel Challenge: London

‘Through’ is week’s travel theme by Ailsa. There are possibly a million and one possibities for this theme, and what classifies as being ‘through’ something, but I’ve taken a rather orthodox view on the theme. Through the windows of Tower Brigdge, Kensington Palace, and the room in which I stayed in London, and through the gates that guard Downing St – London, through my eyes.


Through the gates of Downing St


Through my bedroom window


Through the window at Kensington Palace, looking back toward Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park



7 thoughts on “Through – Weekly Travel Challenge: London

  1. Great pictures! I think I need to visit Tower Bridge. I’ve been there many times, but never inside. It looks lovely.

    • Thanks Stevie. It was one of those places that I visited just because it was a touristy thing to do, but it actually ended up being really cool. As well as the great views from up the top, the old engine room is also well worth a visit with the fantastic Victorian machinery that was orginally used to operate the bridge.

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