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Daily Prompt: Are you being served? – Qatar Airways


Out the window – somewhere over Australia

This is the story of the best customer service I have ever received, and how one air steward has pretty much won me over to Qatar Airways for life.

When I went to the UK in 2011, it was my very first trip overseas. First time out of Australia. On top of it being my first time, I was going alone. I was a bit nervous, but not too bad.

When I boarded flight QR 31 (it’s the same flight, Melbourne to Doha, every night), one of the air stewards, named Elton, must have seen my name on my boarding pass. For the next 14 hours of that flight, every time Elton served me food/drinks/etc, he always used my name. I found this even more amazing as on that flight we had about 6 hours of terrible turbulence over the Indian Ocean (with the seatbelts on the whole time). I was two rows from the back, so two rows from the toilets, where a good number of my fellow passengers were heading (some a number of times) to be sick. I was feeling a bit seedy myself (I get motion sick), plus the smell wasn’t great. Obviously, on a full flight, there’s nothing the stewards can do to help, but the fact that Elton would ask (using my name) if I was feeling alright made a world of difference.

I should probably mention that I was flying economy class (I know that in business and first the stewards take note of the passengers’ names). On the next leg of my journey from Doha to London, and then the return trips, this didn’t happen again, but it didn’t matter. Elton couldn’t have known that it was my first time heading overseas, or flying Qatar Airways. But his service means that Qatar are really the only airline I will consider for international flights to Europe, and I look forward to flying with them again.

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