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The Cricket Masters Over 70’s Ashes

The captains Hugh Milner and Gordon Ives hold the urn - actual ashes not included

(Start at 28:40)

This could be just another feel-good story about old blokes out playing sport and having a good old time representing their respective countries in a match of cricket between (friendly) rivals Australia and England. And it is. However, it’s a lot more than that, because one of those fantastic old blokes was my sport teacher at school in Years 7 and 8. Mr Dunn has been teaching at my school forever (he was teaching there when my mum was there back in the late ’70’s/early ’80’s), and he still teaches sport today, as well as representing the country in cricket. Mr Dunn’s wife Pam is interviewed in the video (nor the picture above), and while old Dunners himself isn’t, he does feature in a few clips; he’s a skinny bloke with a beard and a full head of hair.

Mr Dunn is a proper legend (even one of the houses at my school is named after him (all the rest are after old nuns and bishops!)). The Aussie Masters Cricket Team may have lost their ‘Ashes’ tour, but so did our ‘proper’ First XI, so it doesn’t matter. Good on you, chaps, battling the old enemy.


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