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Prom 43: Tallis Scholars Review

Prom 43: Tallis Scholars

A much as I wanted to listen to Prom 42, with Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No 3, I decided to listen to listen to the Late Night Prom 43 with the Tallis Scholars instead. Sometimes, I really want to listen to choral music, and during ten months of the year that the Proms are not on, I will usually find myself, about once a week, wanting my dose of choral/sacred music, and listen to Choral Evensong on the BBC iPlayer. We have very little music like this in Australia, or it is generally not very accessible compared to in the UK, so the best way to listen to it (for me, anyway) is online.

The Tallis Scholars are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, and in this Prom they were conducted by Peter Phillips. The programme consisted of works by 16th century English composer John Taverner and 17th century Spanish composer Carlo Gesualdo. The works were:

Taverner’s Kyrie ‘Leroy’
Gesualdo’s Ave, dulcissima Maria
Ave, regina caelorum
Maria, mater gratiae

all interspersed with Taverner’s Missa ‘Gloria tibi Trinitas’

Because of the interspersing of the music, I couldn’t/didn’t keep up with which piece I was up to, but it was all lovely. It’s just so beautiful, and I have no regrets about choosing to listen to this Prom tonight. If you’ve never listened to sacred/choral music before, have a listen to Prom 42; it’s calming and somewhat ethereal.

The Tallis Scholars are coming to Melbourne in October. After hearing them in this Prom, I am tempted. However, the price is a lot more than £5. We’ll see.


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