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Architecture: Weekly Travel Challenge – 400 years in 4 buildings

I love buildings and beautiful architecture. If I removed from my photo collections all my photos of buildings, there wouldn’t be a lot left. I was so amazed by the architecture in the UK as the oldest buildings we have here in Melbourne date from about the 1850’s which makes them practically brand new compared to some of the buildings in London!

Anyway, I digress. When I saw that this week’s travel challenge was Architecture, I wondered for a bit about how I’d ever decide which of my hundreds upon hundreds of photos I would choose. What about some of the brilliant Victorian buildings built on gold-rush money in Melbourne? Or the beautiful Art-Deco buildings in Wellington? In the end, I’ve decided to pick four buildings from four different eras of architectural styles, all in the UK.

All photos were taken in the UK in December 2011.

1. The courtyard of Holyroodhouse Palace, Edinburgh. Holyroodhouse was my favourite of the royal palaces that I visited. It was home to Mary, Queen of Scots back in Tudor times, and is the current Queen’s official Scottish residence (Balmoral is their private residence). The courtyard is in 17th century style.


2. Somerset House in London in one of the greatest examples of 18th century architecture in the UK (according to the Somerset House website!). Self-endorsements aside, it is a very grand building.

3. Can you get much more Victorian than the Victoria and Albert Museum, in the heart of Albertopolis (South Kensington)? The V&A Museum might not be quite as iconic as it’s cousin the Natural History Museum across the road, but it is architecturally stunning inside and out (Note: you are not supposed to take photos inside, but the ‘No Photos’ thing was well hidden in the museum map, so I didn’t see it until I took some! Oh well).

4. Art-Deco. The roaring ’20’s. Barkley’s in Kensington High Street is a prime example of the sleeker, futuristic style of the era.


Weekly travel theme from Ailsa at ‘Where’s my backback?’ found here.


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