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‘Now You See Me’ Review

Some spoilers – so be warned!

Films like this are a brilliant way to pass a Sunday afternoon. Now You See Me, starring Jesse Eisenburg, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson and Dave Franco may not be the best film of the year, but it certainly is good fun. I think I smiled through the whole thing. There were a couple of plot holes (what happens to Michael Caine’s character? He just disappears! And Mark Ruffalo as FBI Agent Dylan Rhodes makes some conveniently bad decisions. Is there a point to the pictures on the tarot cards?), but most of the writing was really solid, with some great lines and come-backs, especially by Jesse Eisenburg’s characters, the smug J. Daniel Atlas.

I’ll admit that every time Mark Ruffalo was on screen, I half-expected the other characters to start referring to him as ‘Dr Banner’, and, when he gets really pissed-off (which is almost all of his scenes), to turn into a giant, green, rage-monster. He didn’t, of course, but you know how actors can look somewhat different when they are in different films? Well, he didn’t. Mr Ruffalo looked exactly as he does as Bruce Banner. Not that it really mattered. Perhaps I’m just too obsessed with Marvel!

Some people have commented on how some of the magic tricks (the main characters are all magicians of varying skill and speciality) are clearly CGI, but I thought that they were perhaps not possible in real-life, but certainly plausible. The film explains how most of the tricks are done – note, most and not all. The twist at the end of the film, answering the question of ‘who put the Four Horsemen together?’ is answered with a very good twist, which, I’ll admit, along with J. Daniel Atlas “I did not see that coming”. Of course, now that I know the twist, it makes a lot of things quite obvious, but still, they got me! The final line of the film is something along the lines of “Not everything has to be explained”, and indeed, in this film, it is not. But is that not what movie magic is all about? The magic? Well, this film has plenty of that.


PS: This is one of those films that was released in the rest of the world months ago, but it was only out in Australia this week. Annoying, but it happens quite a lot.


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