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Prom 34: Vivaldi The Four Seasons Review

Prom 34: Vivaldi - The Four Seasons

Being a late night Prom, Prom 34 was something a bit different. It featured Vivaldi’s famous Four Seasons, but this was not your usual Vivaldi, but a wonderful, electronic version, featuring Nigel Kennedy with the Palestine Strings and Members of the Orchestra of Life. I’m not usually the biggest fan of baroque or violin-heavy music, and as famous as the Four Seasons is, I wouldn’t count it among my top favourites. This rendition, however, is something completely different. I’ll admit that I hadn’t actually been planning on listening to this Prom, but once it started, I was hooked.

Nigel Kennedy and the rest of the orchestra were fantastic. The audience were clearly loving this Prom by the huge applause given whenever there was a pause between movements, or at times, even just a slight break in the music in the middle of a movement! If you were previously unsure about this Prom, give it a listen on iPlayer. The way Nigel Kennedy and the orchestra play, you’d never know the music was written nearly 300 years ago.


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