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YouTube’s Geek Week

This week is Geek Week on YouTube, and tonight I’ve taken a break from listening to Proms (partly because iPlayer wouldn’t load) to do something a bit different.

I tend not to fangirl a lot, but with Geek Week (especially the Thor: The Dark World trailer), I’ve struggled not to. I’ve mentioned in a number of my film reviews that I’m a huge fan of the Marvel films, and therefore I’ve ended up looking a bit like Tom Hiddleston in the below gif.


1. Thor: The Dark World Trailer. I’m starting with this because, without a doubt, this is my favourite thing that has been released for months. I’ve been hanging out for this trailer since Comic-Con, and (for those who research these things), you’ll know that this is slightly different from the trailer shown at Comic-Con, as a certain scene has been removed. I stayed up til 11pm last night (9am US Eastern time) to watch this. I watched it about three times, then had to go to sleep (I had to be up at 7). This evening, I’ve been able to watch it a few more times, and have trawled through the ‘Thor 2’ tag on Tumblr. Love. Love. Love. Roll on October 31!

2. Sorted Food “Super Geek”. I’ve mentiond before that I love the boys at Sorted Food. In their weekly Fridge-Cam this week, they decided to determine whether or not Ben was a geek. Spoiler! Yes. However, Ben quickly reminded Mike that he, and the other boys, are geeks too, really. But Mike says that really, being called a geek these days is quite a compliment.

They also cook something.

3. Doctor Who on BBC America. Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Colman count down the top 10 Doctor Who trivia facts for BBC America, as well as there being a lot of other content on the Doctor Who Channel. A trailer (or even the teaser!) for the 50th anniversary special would be nice, but we’re not going to get it this week. Oh well, there’s enough goodness going around at the moment.

4. Will’s War. Surprisingly, Will’s War isn’t specifically Geek Week related this week, as Will just answers some viewer questions, but if you’re a regular watcher of his channel; then this is one of his funniest videos to date. As far as geekiness goes, it doesn’t get much better than Will’s War. My favourite video of his would be “Loki: The Secret Hero?” (for obvious reasons), but I love seeing what Will talks about each week, mostly as I always fully agree.

5. Super Cafe. Again, this isn’t part of Geek Week as it was posted a few weeks ago, but the How It Should Have Ended cartoons have taken on a life of their own, and Super Cafe has become a spin-off from the orginal HISHE clips. They’re very clever and very funny.


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