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Prom 22: Naturally 7 Review

Prom 22: Naturally 7

Prom 22, a late-night Prom, was something a bit different, but very, very good-different. This is not the sort of music that I usually listen to, and, I have to admit, I had not heard for Naturally 7 before, but, less than five minutes in, and I am loving what I hear! These amazing vocalists produce every sound themselves. It sounds like instruments. It’s amazing. I’m quite blown away. And I’m not even seven minutes in!

It’s a bit unbelievable, really.

Ok, that’s all for the live-writing.

The song, I think that is called ‘Run Away’ starts around the 39 minute-mark on iPlayer, and was one of my favourite songs from this Prom. The famous few bars of ‘Rule Britannia!’ are around the 44 minute mark.

The sounds that these seven guys make really are amazing, and, just listening, it’s almost impossible to believe that there is nothing but the seven of them (and some microphones so they can be heard throughout the Royal Albert Hall!). They make the sounds of scratching, drum kit, harmonica, brass, electric guitars and bass, all with the human voice. If you want something very different (from the usual classical Prom, in particular), then have a listen to this. The music these guys make is fantastic.

Naturally 7


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