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Melbourne Open House 2013 Round-up

This weekend was Open House Melbourne weekend, where 111 buildings were open to the public: most of them are not usually.

I volunteered this morning for the third year (this year at the State Library), but I’m quite afraid to say that my volunteer experience this year was very poor, as the lady in charge of Open House at the State Library (she was a SL employee) was so awful, but we’ll not go into that.

One of the great parts of volunteering, especially in the morning shift, was that I had to be in town before 9am. At 9am on a Sunday morning, the city is EMPTY, which is both odd, and kind of lovely. It’s so quiet!

After my shift was over, I went a got some lunch, then visited only two buildings this year (I’ve visited many in the last couple of years), the Windsor Hotel and 1 Spring St.

Some photos taken on my iPhone, some on my (rather old) Panasonic Lumix, all touched-up in Lightroom.


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