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Liverpool FC vs Melbourne Victory


Before anyone gets excited, no, I am not at this game. I am merely watching it on TV, although, now that I see it, it would be rather brilliant to be there. This match is a friendly between the famous Liverpool FC and the not-so-famous Melbourne Victory, which is one of the top teams in the A League (Australia’s Premiere Football/Soccer League). The game is being played at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground – home of the Boxing Day Test match and main stadium for the 2006 Commonwealth Games, and, back in the day, when it looked entirely different, the 1954 Olympics, not to mention AFL). The MCG holds 100,000 (official number: 95,446) people and it is FULL, and by all reports, it’s 100,000 Liverpool fans.

That’s one of the strange things about Australians, or perhaps just my household: we don’t follow the A League, and only ever see the highlights of the British/European leagues, but put Liverpool in Melbourne, against the Melbourne team, and my goodness, we will support Liverpool the whole way!!

The reason I’d most like to be at the game is for the atmosphere. The crowd is SO loud, and singing and chanting: Australian sport crowds just don’t do that! But the atmosphere, especially in the dying minutes was just phenomenal.

Also interesting to see British ads at the MCG (for Standard Chartered and Continental).

Final score: Liverpool 2:0 Melbourne Victory. In the last seconds MV scored an own goal. Duds.

Photo from LFC Twitter.


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