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Proms Chamber Music 2: ‘Praise to thee, O Lord’ Review

As I mentioned in my review for Prom 12, I quite enjoy a bit of Choral/Sacred music, and the music from Chamber Prom 2: ‘Praise to thee, O Lord!” was splendid. The excellent Huelgas Ensemble, conducted by Paul Van Nevel were the musicians at this Prom, and, being a Chamber Prom, this was performed at Cadogan Hall, which is down near Sloane Square. This Prom continued with the theme of exploring the music of and celebrating Polish composers which is running throughout this year’s Proms season. It featured little-known choral works from 15th and 16th century Poland.

Though the whole Prom was just beautiful, my favourite piece was Johannes Wanning’s Dixit angelus ad Petrum, which begins around the 11:30 minute mark on iPlayer.

Chamber Prom 2 lasts for less than 50 minutes, and if you want to listen to some really beautiful, calming music, then this absolutely hits the spot.

PCM02: Praise to Thee, O Lord!

The playlist was as follows:

Chwała tobie, Gospodzinie
Cracovia civitas

Dixit angelus ad Petrum
Et valde mane

Mikołaj Zieleński
Mihi autem nimis

Neue lieblich Intraden und frölichen Polnischen Täntzen
Intrada; Chorea polonica; Galliarde

Lamentabatur Jacob
Solo e pensos i più dersti campi

Tryumfuj, wierny poddany
Słuchajcie mię

Did you attend/listen to this Prom? Are you braving the Ring Cycle? Comments most welcome.


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