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Prom 7 – Gospel Prom Review

When I went to sleep last night, the Doctor Who Prom was being replayed on BBC Radio 3. When I woke up this morning, the Gospel Prom was on live. I like these Late Night Proms, as they are often something other than straight classical music, and something that I wouldn’t usually listen to. I don’t usually listen to Gospel music, but my goodness was this Prom good! It had me dancing around the bathroom while getting ready for work! I think that’s the point of Gospel music, it’s so uplifting and happy, and an amazing way to start a Wednesday.

The Prom was hosted by Pastor David Daniel, who is a brilliant MC, while I not know what the crowd at the Royal Albert Hall were doing, he certainly got me up and dancing!

The music was sung and played by the London Adventist Chorale, London Community Gospel Choir, Muyiwa & Riversongz, and the People’s Christian Fellowship Choir. This ensemble, as Paster David said himself, really were amazing. Not one song was flat or down. Every song, from the beautiful Amazing Grace to the bouncing finale were just great.

If you need something bright and cheerful to listen to, just on iPlayer and listen to Prom 5. I doubt there’ll be a more uplifting Prom this season.


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