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Camp NaNoWriMo Week 2 Round-up

Well, we’ve made it to the half way mark! I’m quite happy with my 11,247 words: I’m keeping to my planning 5,000 words per week challenge that I set for myself, so that’s something. Interestingly, tonight my story was hijacked by two characters who decided they wanted a scene written with their POV and in which none of my four main characters feature! Oh well, it was nice to write and explore some of the secondary characters further.

One of the main aspects of Camp NaNoWriMo which differentiates if from regular November NaNo is that participants are placed into “Cabins”, or private discussion boards, with just you and seven others. Some cabins can be very successful, with all members activity chatting with each other and meeting daily word counts. Though there is a little chat in my cabin, we have one member who was rather pushy about meeting the daily word expectations, and was always going on about she was the one ‘carrying’ the cabin. Thankfully, one of the other members told her to stop this, as it was putting people off, and she since has.

I am enjoying my story, the ability to escape into this world which I have created, and the ability to further flesh out this world with every scene I write.





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