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Royal Ascot Day Four Review

Well, it is very nice when it becomes impossible to lose at the race meet. Last night, I won just under 400% of what I put on. That is the most I’ve ever won in a  night, and as you can imagine, I was very excited to see the results this morning. Here’s how Day four of Royal Ascot unfolded for me:

Race 1: No bets because too many runners.

Race 2: Three-horse duet with Battle of Marengo, Contributer and Hillstar. Won the leg with Hillstar and Battle of Marengo. I like three-horse duets because you generally only need one leg to come in, and you’re covered for the bet. If you get all three in, you’re covered for the day.
I also had Battle of Marengo and Hillstar to place, and collected on both of them.

Hillstar wins the King Edward

Race 3: Yes, betting on this race broke my “no betting in races with more than 16 horses in it” rule, but one of them was called Purr Along, and I’m a sucker for horses with cat-related names. The odds weren’t all bad, and I had Purr Along to place. He came 11th of 17. Oh well.

Race 4: This was the big winner. Three-horse duet with Forgotten Voice, Albasharah and Sheikhzayedroad. Won the leg with Forgotten Voice and Sheikhzayedroad. It was on this win that I cleaned up from the bookies, with Forgotten Voice being a bit of an outsider. Also had Rewarded, Genzy and Sheikhzayedroad to place, with only Sheikhzayedroad paying.

Getty Images

Race 5: No bets because too many runners.

Only one more night to go, and hopefully one last run at success!

(Photos from BBC Sport)


2 thoughts on “Royal Ascot Day Four Review

  1. Excellent stuff. My mother always had a knack for picking winners from the way they are moving before the race. She usually ends the day a little up on winners. She firmly believes however that a £1 stake is all that is need to enjoy the race. Any more and she becomes more worried about the money and less enjoying the sight of the race and horses.

    Unlike her I always lose!!

    • Haha!

      I only bet very small amounts too, which is why I state my winnings in percent form 😉 And I agree with your mother, you only need a little flutter to enjoy the race.

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