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‘Monsters University’ Film Review

Minor spoilers!

Monsters University, or ‘MU’ as it’s referred to in the film itself, is, if nothing else, a lot of fun. It’s the prequel to Monsters Inc, the fantastic Pixar film from 2001, that we still have somewhere on video, and that my brothers and I watched over and over as kids. MU isn’t as much of an instant classic as Monsters Inc was, but it’s still good.

The story follows the young Mike Wazowski (voiced by Billy Crystal) and how he meets and ultimately becomes friends with (and later the ultimate Scream Team with) Sulley (John Goodman).Mike and Sulley meet at MU, and from the moment they meet, cannot stand each other, but end up in Oozma Kapa (OK), the lowest of the fraternity houses. Along with their fellow OK brothers, they must compete in and win the Scare Games at the MU in order to get into the Scare Major at the University.

We are also see more of the background of Randal (Steve Buscemi). Other favourites making cameo appearances from Roz, Yeti and a number of the Scare Floor team that we see more of in Monsters Inc.

MU is just easy to watch, with it’s bright colours and simple, harmless storyline. There are a large number of references to things that will happen and that we see again in Monsters Inc, which are good fun to spot out. Nothing really intellectual, no real animation break-throughs, but a fun couple of hours out.


PS: It comes with the short animated film The Blue Umbrella, a sweet little film about inanimate objects coming alive in the big city when it begins to rain, and how they help the Blue Umbrella find his love, the Red Umbrella. I didn’t know this was going to be at the start of MU, and it’s certainly different to see this sort of thing, but perhaps we need more of it at the cinema.


2 thoughts on “‘Monsters University’ Film Review

  1. I loved Monsters Inc, but was worried that the prequel would ruin it for me! But after reading this I might just have to risk it and check it out!

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