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Royal Ascot Day Three Round-Up

Well, as they say, you can’t win them all, and the bookies will get you in the end! Last night I only won about 50% of what I’d put on. Boo! Oh well, I suppose I was on too much of a good streak. Admittedly, I did have a couple of silly bets on, and I wasn’t strict enough with myself when it came to narrowing down my selection of horses in each race. Here’s my results:

Race 1: I started with the usual three-horse duet, in this race Coach House, Coulsty and Eccleston. Got nothing. Three to place, Coulsty, No Nay Never and Saayerr, with only Coulsty coming in. The main problem with this race was that almost all of the horses were either debutants, or at only their first of second meet, so it’s hard to pick (that’s my excuse anyway!).

No Nay Never ridden by Joel Rosario

Race 2: This was my best race of the night. Three-horse duet with Alive Alive Oh, Fersah and The Lark, winning the leg with Alive Alive Oh and The Lark. Also had two to place, Riposte and The Lark. Won with The Lark.

Race 3: Too many runners, so no bets. Congratualtions to the Queen’s as Estimate, her horse, won.

Race 4: One of those odd races that the TAB doesn’t have available.

Race 5: Three-horse duet with Elkaayed, Indian Chief and Remote; nothing. Being silly, I had four horses to place: Centurius, Kitten on the Run (for my own kitten, Pippa), Remote and Windhoek, with Remote paying.


Race 6: Too many runners, so no bets.

Hopefully more luck tonight!

All pictures from The Mirror.co.uk


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