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Royal Ascot Day Two Round-Up

Day Two of Royal Ascot, and my successes on the field were reasonable, being that I won back exactly, down to the cent, 100% of what I put on. I almost couldn’t believe it when I saw the total this morning! Nice to get everything back, but it would have been nicer actually win, but, of course, that’s the way the races go! Wednesday nights are always a bit of a rush for me, so I sisn’t have as much time to study the form guide as I would have liked, and made some rash decisions, but here’s what happened:

Race 1: No runners because too many entries.

Race 2: I accidentally had a flexi duet on here (the ‘flexi’ part was the accident, not the duet. That’s what happens when I have to use my phone!) with Chigun, Dank and Thistle Bird. Won nothing. Also had the same three to place: Chigun the only one to come in.

Race 3: Managed to put on a ‘normal’ (yay!) three-horse duet with Al Kazeem, Camelot and The Fugue. Won the leg with Al Kazeem and The Fugue.  Had Maxios, Red Cadeaux and The Fugue to place, with The Fugue paying. Putting money on Red Cadeaux was probably a bit silly considering the odds, but he’s raced a lot in Australia and done well for me in the past.

Race 4: The TAB didn’t have betting available for Race 4. Sometime’s it’s funny like that, and doesn’t allow you to bet on all races at an international meet.

Race 5: No runners because too many entries.

Come at me Day Three!

(All photos from The Mirror.co.uk)

PS: I really liked the Queen in what she was wearing. I think she looked very nice.


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