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June 18 On This Day

As much as I like history (which is a lot), I don’t really follow much ‘on this day’ type stuff, but I have discovered (just today) that June 18 is a rather important date. So, on this day in:

1815: The British defeated the French at the Battle of Waterloo (Napoleon vs. The Duke of Wellington). Huzzah!

1884: Edouard Daladier is born. Who was he? Prime Minister of France at various times throughout the 1930’s and finally from 10 April 1938 – 21 March 1940. Like all politicians, depending on who’s account of history you read, Daladier was either an alright chap, or a dud.

1940: Winston Churchill delivers his “We shall never surrender” speech, after the Evacuation from Dunkirk and the Fall of France. It’s probably one of the most famous and most important speeches ever written. I get shivers whenever I hear about it (or think about it, really).

1942: Paul McCartney is born. Yep, The Beatle.

So I think, that for a day, June 18 has had some pretty amazing stuff happen on it.

For more history, have a look at these among others:

Forces War Records

BBC History

WWII In Real Time


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