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Moving onwards and upwards

Last night (Saturday) was my final shift at my well-known fast-food take-away job. I was rather nervous during the day about having to resign, but now that I have done it, I am very happy. I was nervous mostly because of the ‘growing up’ aspect related to leaving this job, hopefully it will have been my last casual position, and as I am now in the workforce ‘proper’.

I wrote what I believe to be a very nice letter to management thanking them for my almost-three years of employment, and that now I have a full-time job, which they know I’ve been wanting since I finished uni at the end of last year. I sent a personalised text message out to each of my co-workers (some of whom I have become quite good friends with), went about the shift more-or-less as usual, and left my key on the pin-up board.

Onwards to greater things!



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