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I got a real job!

Rather excitingly, after graduating from uni in December last year, I FINALLY have a ‘real’ job: vis; a full-time position that is NOT the food retail job at a well-known fast-food outlet that I’ve had through most of uni and for the past few months. I applied for literally over 100 jobs (I haven’t got my list with me right now, but I DO have a list of every job I have applied for since about October last year and it is LONG), and from that received about a dozen interviews, before finally landing this job. I suppose the only problem with it is that I am a temp (it’s only 3-4 months, I haven’t got the contract yet, so I’m not 100% sure), but when I think of temping, I think of this:


So to all the other grads out there: KEEP TRYING. Eventually, something WILL come up, even if it is not your dream job (as this is not mine, but oh well).

Despite my job being rather dull (I literally spent eight hours on PowerPoint today), all I could think of was this:

Happy employment!


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