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On Movie Soundtracks

I love movie soundtracks, and I know I am far from being alone in that category. Over this Queen’s Birthday long weekend, ABC Classic FM are having their annual Classic 100 Countdown, and this year’s theme is Music of the Movies. Their listeners nominated and voted for the music. The rules were that it had to be either an original score for the movie, or classical music used within a movie. As I write this, I am listening to No 60. Beethoven Symphony 7, as used in The Kings Speech, and, I can happily say, was one of the ten pieces of music I voted for (you got ten votes).

Good film music becomes inseparable from the film itself. Themes from films are some of the most iconic pieces of music ever written. Think about the James Bond Theme, Harry Potter Theme, Psycho Theme and Jaws Theme. You know these themes instantly, even if you haven’t seen the corresponding film.

My favourite soundtrack ever would have to be Howard Shore’s soundtrack for Lord of the Rings. Last year, I saw the music for Fellowship of the Ring performed live with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (photo below), and in July I’ll be seeing The Two Towers with the MSO. I don’t think there is any other film I would rush out to buy tickets to see the soundtrack live. Seeing FotR like that was so amazing, bumping into the Top 5 Things I’ve Ever Seen Live, and I know that TTT will be just as good (not least because TTT is my favourite overall film of the trilogy).

My other top soundtracks include: Atonement, Pirates of the Caribbean, Thor, Cloud Atlas and Cinema Paradiso.

My favourite songs from films include Skyfall, Star Spangled Man (Captain America) and Young and Beautiful (The Great Gatsby).

If the ABC Classic FM Countdown isn’t enough Soundtrack music this weekend, last night’s Friday Night Is Music Night on BBC Radio 2 was celebrating the Great Film Composers. In the 2011 BBC Proms season, there was a Film Music Night, and the whole thing can be watched here. This would be in my top 10 favourite Proms (the James Bond suite is fantastic). Still need more? Avengers star Tom Hiddleston posted last night a link to the Hiatus Soundtrack Mix. There are some amazing pieces to be found in that.

So, dear readers, what are your favourite soundtracks? Do you agree with me? Never heard of some of these things? Anything I’ve missed? Let me know 🙂


(PS: No 58 in the Classic 100 Countdown: The Lion King by Hans Zimmer. I voted for that too 🙂 )


2 thoughts on “On Movie Soundtracks

  1. I LOVE music! I used to be Praise and Worship minister many, many moons ago, but my interest in music has always been eclectic! I truly do love Soundtracks as there is something wonderful about orchestral music! The moods, the memories, they all transport you to a different place!
    And hey! You picked some of my favorites!! Love them, love them!!
    God bless again for this stroll down memory lane!!

    • Which are your favourites? I have a rather eclectic taste in music too, but soundtracks and late-romantic classical would be two of my favourite categories 🙂

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