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Lunchtime Winter Wanderings

At lunch today I went for a walk through the Exhibition Gardens. The wind was certainly chilly, but once the sun came out, it was quite pleasant (I was all rugged up, but that’s hardly the point).I suppose the weather today would have been classified as “sunny bursts with occasional showers”.

The Royal Exhibition Building, built in 1880 for the Empire Exhibition, is one of my favourite (and one of the most beautiful) buildings in Melbourne.





2 thoughts on “Lunchtime Winter Wanderings

  1. It is such a blessing to get a first-hand account of life separate from that here in the US! I love the pics you took of the Royal Exhibition Building and the surrounding area! Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! It was also great to hear you mention “winter!” I watch a LOT of Discovery, National Geographic, etc. and I new that Australia has winter while we are in the midst of summer!
    It’s always amazing to me how our Creator made everything to follow perfectly into place. What AWESOME wisdom displayed!
    Again thanks so much for the viewpoint from one who lives there! As always, may God bless you greatly as you continue to serve us with inspiration, education and entertainment!!

    • Thanks Pastor Roland. Down here, we’re quite used to most of the world having their seasons opposite to us. The most unusual is probably Christmas, which is most certainly NOT “In the bleak midwinter”, but when we’re having around 16 hours of sunlight a day!

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