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One Month of Pippa

Pippa portrait

A month ago today, on 5th May, we adopted Pippa from the RSPCA. On the 23rd April, we’d said our final farewell to Ginger, who we’d had for over 15 years (he and his partner Bobby, who passed away last November, were also rescue cats). After about a week, we decided it was much too sad not having a cat, so down to the RSPCA we went. There were so many beautiful cats, but as soon as we saw Pippa, we knew she was the one for us.

Pippa was only 8 months old. She was a scared, skinny, sick and sad little orphan girl. After filling out the paperwork and seeing the RSPCA vet for some medication, Pippa came to her new ‘forever’ home, and officially became one of the family.



When we got Pippa home, she was so weak she could hardly jump up onto the couch. That quickly changed. It’d didn’t take Pip too long to get used to the house, but it did take her a few weeks to realise that she was definitely staying here forever, and not going back to the RSPCA. She didn’t like being picked up and having hugs, but she is being to tolerate it, and we know that in time, she will demand to be. Pippa doesn’t go outside, but does enjoy looking out the window at the birds and watching the late autumn leaves floating around.

Pippa, being now only 9 months old, is very playful, as she’s still a kitten really. Her favourite toys are her “blue ball” (below), “pink stick”, and “ball of wool”. Her favourite activity is racing up and down our long hallway. She has discovered that if she takes off on the carpet-half, she can get amazing speed up and then skid and slide down the polished boards-half. Pip enjoys this activity during the times of 9-10pm, when everyone is trying to get ready for bed. Because there’s nothing like trying to whip from the bathroom to your bedroom in a towel when the cat comes screaming past at a million miles per hour!


Pippa is very inquisitive. She is often quite interested in what I’m cooking (especially if she can smell meat or cheese!) and we often end up playing the game “The Kitchen Bench is NOT for Pippa”. She’s still learning English πŸ˜‰

Pippa isn’t an overly talkative girl. She has a quiet little meow which she really only uses when she wants to be fed (which is almost always, even if there’s already food in her bowl). Interestingly, Pippa likes it if you pat her when she eats; she’ll purr and knit and try to eat all at once. It’s very sweet. She also head-butts your hand in thanks when you feed her.


We don’t know much about Pippa’s past, other than that she was found as a stray. She’s a Russian Blue X, so she has lovely thick fur that hardly moults, and a beautiful temperament. In the last month, Pip has put on weight and has ‘filled out’ a bit, making her look much healthier, and has also recovered from her cat flu. She has found all the best places in the house; sitting at the French doors watching leaves skip across the deck, lying on my bed in the sun in the afternoons (below), andΒ  in front of the fireplace in the evenings (she’d never seen a fireplace until a couple of weeks ago!).

Pippa is the gentlest, sweetest little girl, and we’re so happy to have her. Welcome to the family, Pip πŸ™‚


Please visit: RSPCA Happy Endings


2 thoughts on “One Month of Pippa

  1. Pippa is beautiful and ever so lucky you found her and rescued her. Sammy was adopted from the local shelter as a feral kitten and it took him a while to adjust to a life of luxury (!!) too.


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