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Family Oddities – Great-Grandpa Harry

We all have ancestors with various eccentricities. In 1950, my great-grandpa received the title of “Tea Drinking Champion of Australia”, drinking 90 cups of tea a day.

Almost every regional newspaper in the country seems to have run the story. My three favourite articles are this one from the Southern Argus, in South Australia, this one, which has a great picture of my great-grandparents and lovely comments by my great-grandma, from  The Mail, also in South Australia, and this one, from The Argus in Melbourne.

My grandma is the oldest of their four children. She still has the trophy he won.



4 thoughts on “Family Oddities – Great-Grandpa Harry

  1. I love family stories, they’re so inspirational and encouraging! I’m a new blogger also, so I want to thank you for stopping by! I love following those blogs that can inspire, humor, encourage and in general invite others along for their journey!
    I’ve been involved in online ministry since the early nineties so internet use is not new as my online ministry site has undergone many transformations, but blogging is a new medium for me! I am a fast learner though and I believe I have disproved the old adage, “that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks!” 😉
    I look forward to following Your journey and it will give me a great perspective on my sisters and brothers “down under!” I look forward to more of your posts and will be back to read what you have posted already!
    God bless as you allow us on this journey with you!! 🙂

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