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Epsom Derby Round-up

EPSOM, ENGLAND - JUNE 01:  Ryan Moore riding Ruler Of The World win The Investec Derby at Epsom racecourse on June 01, 2013 in Epsom, England. (Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images)

Fun and excitement and wonderful successes all round at the Epsom Derby last night* (yesterday). And it is doubly as fun when not only do you have a successful night, but pick the winner in the big race. I listened to the first three races on BBC Radio 5 Live, then retired to bed.

My results:

Race 1: I had a two-horse duet, plus one of them to place, and I can’t remember exactly, but I think my two horses ran 4th and 5th. Boo.

Race 2: I had a three horse duet. And it came in. All three. Cue jumping up and down, thus frightening the cat. Once you get one of those bad-boys where all three horses come in, you’re more-or-less set for the day.

Race 3: With only five horses in the race, I went a three-horse quinella. It came in, but since it was the two favourites who got it, the dividend was less than what I had paid for the bet, but oh well. Better something than nothing.

Race 4: I didn’t have any runners in Race 4. One of my rules of betting is if there’s 16 or more horses in a race, don’t bother. The odds are stacked too high against you.

Race 5: The Derby. I had a three-horse duet, and one to place. Thank goodness I added in that one to place, because my duet did nothing. The one I had to place was, of course, Ruler Of The World (below, and on top).

Ryan Moore on Ruler Of The World celebrates winning the Investec Derby on the Investec Derby Day at Epsom Downs Racecourse, Surrey. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Saturday June 1, 2013. See PA story RACING Epsom. Photo credit should read: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

Race 6: I had a three-horse duet, plus one of those to place. I won one leg of the duet and my one to place.

Race 7: Slightly breaking my own rule. The race had 16 horses. I had one to place. It didn’t. Oh well.

Overall, I won back everything I bet, plus about another 20%. Please note that I only bet VERY small (most people laugh when I say how small my bets are), but even the smallest of bets makes the races infinitely more exciting. I enjoy the UK races much more than the Victorian Spring Racing Carnival, as I always come out on top in the UK races, but lose terribly in Aus. Oh well.

(^I’m not sure which horse that is, but he’s pretty and chances are I had money on him).

And yes, I can read a form guide. When people find out that I can, and have this small interest in horse-racing, they’re often surprised. I don’t really know why, considering I did horse-riding lessons for over six years, so during the Olympics I could actually watch the Dressage and enjoy it, but oh well.

Last night was a successful and fitting start to the beginning of my Winter Season, something that will hopefully continue! Roll on Royal Ascot!

*Race 1 was at 10:35pm AEST. Therefore, for me, it was the night. I find it too weird to try and say ‘day’, because for me, it wasn’t.

(All images belong to metro.co.uk and can be found here)


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