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Eggcellent Sunday Breakfast


“How do you like your eggs in the morning?” asked the 1953 song from the movie-musical “Rich, Young and Pretty”, snippets of which are played daily on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show and the full version on Tuesdays. During the week, I just have peanut butter toast for breakfast, but on Sundays, I want something a bit more substantial, but that doesn’t take very long at all to cook. Gooey, golden egg yolks create the happiest possible start to the day.

My three favourite Sunday breakfasts are (in no specific order):

1. A soft-boiled egg with peanut butter soldiers. Place an egg in a pot of boiling water for 4 minutes. Toast the bread and once cooked, spread lightly with peanut butter and cut into soldiers. Carefully remove the egg from the pot and place in an egg-cup (if you don’t have an egg-cup, cherry glasses are about the same size, as I had to use above as the egg-cup had disappeared). Crack open your egg, add a tiny nob of butter and season with salt and pepper.

2. A fried egg with ham on toast. Crack the egg into a non-stick fry pan on a high heat. Toast the bread. After two minutes, carefully flip the egg, so as not to break the yolk, and turn the heat down to medium. Once the toast is cooked, spread it with tomato or HP sauce, then add a slice of shaved ham. Remove the egg from the pan after another minute or so and place it on the ham toast. Season with salt and pepper.


3. Easy bacon toast fry up. Add however many slices of bacon you require to fit on your toast (usually 2-3 per piece of bread, depending on their size) to a non-stick fry pan on a high heat, along with finely sliced rings from half a brown onion. Flip the bacon every minutes or so, until cooked to your liking (I like my bacon really crisp), and stir the onion regularly. While the bacon and onion is cooking, toast the bread. Spread the toast with tomato or HP sauce. Just before the bacon and onion is cooked, add some finely sliced slices of tomato to the pan, and cook briefly on each side. Turn off the pan and lode the bacon, onion and tomato onto the toast.

Serve all of the above with the breakfast beverage of your choice.

These are ridiculously easy to make, and no one has any excuse not to give them a try. Surprise your partner! Spoil your kids! Spoil yourself (as I do). Each of these recipes serves one, and admittedly, that’s one not-overly hungry person. They can all be easily doubled (or tripled) or just have an extra piece of toast added to them.

And, as an extra Sunday treat, here’s the film version of “How do you like your eggs in the morning”.



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