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Things l Like: Online Cooking Communties

I can easily spend a lazy Saturday morning afternoon watching, liking, and occasionally transcribing recipes from online cooking communities. These are my three favourites in no particular order:

1. Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube. FoodTube started at the beginning of this year, and, as of this week, has over 250,000 subscribers. There are clips from Jamie’s old series, new vlogs, master classes, and recipes, as well as recipes from a number of other cooks and chef including Gennaro Contaldo, DJ BBQ, Kerryann and the boys from Sorted Food. FoodTube can be a bit silly, but it’s always good fun.

2. Sorted Food. Ben, Mike, Barry and Jamie are the faces of Sorted Food, which has just reached its third birthday, and have almost 340,000 subscribers on YouTube. There is nothing that these boys cook that I don’t like the look of. With about four videos a week (so yes, that’s four new recipes every week), there’s plenty on their Channel watch. The boys obvious enjoyment of and enthusiasm for what they do make their videos great fun to watch, and always leave you feeling happy (and hungry).

3. River Cottage. Unfortunately, River Cottage doesn’t have a YouTube Channel, but there is plenty of good stuff on their website. River Cottage is the brainchild of old-Etonian Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, and is soon to have an Australian series. There’s plenty to read on the River Cottage forums, including recipes from Hugh’s books, as well as community member recipes. I find River Cottage to be beautifully homely and friendly.

(Picture credit where it’s due).


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