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The Great Gatsby Review

This film has received quite mixed reviews, but I enjoyed it. However, I’ve got no idea what it was actually about. I haven’t read the book, which I will now add to my list of books to read, so perhaps that’s why. I know that things happened in the film, and I understand the storyline, but, what was it actually about?? I don’t know.

The acting was passable. Leonardo DiCaprio was definitely the stand-out cast member. Poor man looked like he just needed a hug, really. Carey Mulligan’s Daisy was a bit  – insipid? Completely lacking strength of character? Perhaps Daisy is supposed to be like that. Tobey Maguire was good as Nick Carroway, though I couldn’t help thinking of Mary Poppins saying “Close your mouth, please, Michael. We are not a codfish.” Joel Edgerton made a good bully.

The technical aspects of the film I thought were quite good, especially the costumes, beautiful Art-Deco sets and scenery, and the score. I though how the music was edited was wonderfully done. I know that’s a feature of the Baz Luhrmann films to have the modern music, and I really believe the made it work. Also, props to whichever company did the credits. I saw the film in 2D, but on the big screen, they still looked pretty amazing.

One thing that annoyed me in regard to the costumes was that no one dressed for dinner. Perhaps someone can fill me in here, but, at that time in England, everyone was still dressing for dinner, and you would definitely NOT show up to an evening party in a boater hat. Was it that much more casual in the States, or was this aspect just ignored? So yes, I liked the costumes, especially in the party scenes; I’m just not sure how historically correct they all were.  Daisy’s headband at the party was brilliant, and my favourite accessory. My favourite costume was Jordan’s black party dress.

Overall, I would recommend this film, even if just to see what all the hype is about. Enjoy the parties, Gatsby’s fantastical house, the flappers, the fireworks, the drink, but no need to think too much. And don’t ask questions either. The character’s do enough of that. If you still don’t get it (as I don’t), probably just read the book to see if that makes things any clearer (as I will).

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