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Things I like: Autumn edition


We may have only two days of autumn remaining before it officially becomes winter (despite it not being scientifically winter until the solstice, but however you like to organise your seasons, Australia…). So, while autumn remains, I can freely write about my three favourite things about my most favourite of seasons:

1. The colour. Colours, particularly in nature, in the autumn seem so much more true and strong than they do at any other time of the year. This is partly to do with the light, but also to do with changes in the soil, lengthening days, etc (has anyone else noticed how a rose that is a pale orange in spring goes almost middle-pink in the autumn? Hopefully this isn’t just our garden…). As well as beautifully coloured flowers, you also have the changing autumn trees, which make all the suburbs, the city, everywhere you go look beautiful before the starkness of winter sets in.

2. The weather. Get those umbrellas out! Come autumn, it finally gets cold and rains! After a long summer, and, this year, a nine-day heat-wave in the middle of March, the cold change was most welcome. Also, as it’s usually quite dry over the summer, during autumn people are less likely to complain about the rain, stating ‘it’s good of the garden!”, rather than “when will this rain ever let up!”, as they’re saying by September. In autumn, we get days of beautiful sunshine, patchy clouds, gusting winds and pouring rain, and best of all, being Melbourne, these can all happen within a few hours of each other!

3. A change of clothes. You can finally put away the t-shirts and shorts, the sandles, sunhats and summer dresses and bring out the jumpers, coats and scarves. I’m particularly fond of my Tom Baker 4th Doctor scarf. It’s wonderfully long and warm, and the autumnal colours in it match the season perfectly! I’m actually wearing it now, as I write this.




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