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Things I like v1

I have a number of interests, not all directly related, and I like to share them. Also, in my internet browsing, I stumble across many articles, videos, etc that take my fancy. So here, I shall write about them. I’ll only write down three at a time, or I may run out! So:

1. London, 1926. This video is fascinating, showing just how much London has changed in the last 87 years. The City in particular is MUCH different. It’s rare to see films this early, in this high quality, and in colour. Amazing footage.

2. I came across the link to that video on the website of food creative Rachel Khoo. I will admit to only discovering Rachel last weekend, after watching her program “Little Paris Kitchen” on SBS On Demand. I loved the first episode, and am very much looking forward to watching this week’s episode on Thursday night, on SBS ONE.

3. Why read dictionaries? Why indeed. Well, that question is answered in this wonderfully entertaining podcast from the Sydney Writers Festival. Aussie ‘word-nerd’ David Astle and Brit etymologist Mark Forsyth discuss all things words and origins. The podcast is also available through the Apple Podcast app. Definitely worth a listen for anyone interested in words and and their history (or just history in general).


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