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Starting out

Constellation (n):
1. a group of fixed stars whose outline is traditionally regarded as forming a particular figure

2. group of associated  persons noteworthy in some way

– The Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary

Like many children, when at primary school, I liked to look up my name in the dictionary. Of course, in a classroom full of Jessicas and Emilys and Bens and Lukes, I was generally the only one to have my name in the dictionary, albeit with an ‘r’ tacked on the end, or else found in other words, usually space-related, such as constellations, with its meanings given above. It is hopefully not wishful thinking on my behalf that this blog will become ‘a group of associated posts, noteworthy in some way’.

What will I be blogging about? My interests, mostly. Things I see and do and like.

I like
-cooking and recipes
-going to the theatre, especially ballet, musicals and orchestra
– history, mainly early 20th century
– listening to classical music
– reading and writing (or else I wouldn’t be blogging!)
but what I write about will be wide and varied (hopefully).

I also have a 9-month-old kitten, Pippa. She will most likely feature in a number of posts, too.

Pippa portrait


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